Full body massage is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial procedures. With the correct technique, it has a beneficial effect on all organs and tissues of the body, helps to cure many diseases and get rid of some cosmetic problems. It is no coincidence that general massage is often recommended by doctors for at least once a year. General massage is a mechanical effect on the body using a combination of special techniques - pressure, patting, rubbing, due to which a powerful effect is exerted on the skin, organs and tissues of the body. Classical massage is always done by hand. A distinctive feature is the study of all parts of the body with almost the same duration, if there are no contraindications for that. The main purpose of the general massage is to intensively influence the muscle frame, which is achieved through alternate muscle contraction and relaxation. At the same time, the skin, organs, blood and lymph flow, capillaries, and vessels are exposed to this effect. That is why, with the correct technique, massage can change the functioning of organs and body systems.