Well-groomed and beautiful hands are every woman's dream. Finger massage not only rejuvenates the skin and keeps it toned. Thanks to the effect on the acupuncture points associated with the internal organs, the procedure has a beneficial effect on the entire body. But to achieve the optimal effect, you need to master the massage technique and understand which part of the body this or that point is responsible for. The hands and the main parts of the nervous system interact with each other at the neuro-reflex level. Sensitive receptors are located on the fingers, which instantly respond to stimulation of reflex zones. Each finger is associated with specific systems and organs. The concentration of biologically active points on the hands is higher than on the rest of the body. Therefore, hand massage has a complex effect on the body and starts the healing process. Thanks to the point massage of the fingers, you can not only affect certain organs, but also get rid of physical or mental disorders.