Massage with herbal bags is an unusual technique that will help you quickly find a second wind and achieve inner harmony. It turns out that this type of massage, still not very well known to European residents, appeared in Thailand two and a half thousand years ago. Its founder is considered to be a contemporary of Buddha, the famous healer Jivaka Kumar Bhashi. Being a connoisseur of medicinal herbs, the healer decided to combine the healing power of plants with effective massage techniques and suggested working out the active points on the patient's body not with his hands, but with warm tissue bags filled with medicinal collection. This is how a new acupuncture technique appeared, which combined the effect: - Thermal treatments - Aromatherapy - Herbal medicine - Pressotherapy and acupuncture - Thai massage This technique is perfect for people with a high threshold of pain sensitivity, for whom classical acupressure becomes a real torture. Do not forget also that this technique came to us from the East. Therefore, each movement of the master also corrects energy flows, cleans the meridians, which makes the patient experience an unprecedented rise in strength, lightness and plasticity throughout the body. When you massage with hot herbal bags, close your eyes and listen to your feelings. It seems as if the soft sun caresses and warms your body, while exotic aromas relax and soothe. No other procedure brings such unforgettable sweet sensations. Nature and human knowledge have united in a common impulse to make the body more beautiful, younger, healthier, and the spirit stronger. The bags are disposable and discarded immediately after the procedure.