Discomfort in the neck-collar zone is not uncommon even in healthy people, especially at the end of the working day. This area is very sensitive to stress, its muscles are constantly in tension. The neck-collar area includes the upper spine, neck muscles and shoulder girdle. An inactive lifestyle contributes to the fact that swelling and pinching, congestion occur in it, which provokes insufficient blood circulation in the brain and causes oxygen deficiency. Massage normalizes blood circulation, improves metabolic processes, removes congestion. With its help, you can quickly relieve the accumulated fatigue and tension in the muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck, increase their elasticity and normalize tone. There is such a massage effect as an increase in working capacity, the return of full sleep, it is also an excellent prevention of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. However, despite the simple technique of performing massage of the neck-collar zone, the positive effect of the impact directly depends on the accuracy and professionalism of the massage therapist.