Thai oil massage is a whole complex of relaxing procedures for the whole body. The secret of the popularity of massage lies in the extremely sharp and at the same time pleasant sensations that the client experiences during the procedure. Historically, it originated from Ayurvedic oil massage, where the entire body is smoothly worked out, especially the joints, spine, abdomen and hands. The main purpose of this procedure is to have a relaxing, calming and restorative effect on the nervous system. For this reason, oil massage should be considered the ideal anti-stress remedy. The body after the massage becomes more obedient, flexible and light. Even after one procedure, you can notice restful sleep and a positive emotional state. oil massage stimulates the elimination of toxins, increases the mobility of joints, raises immunity and sets up the body's self-regulation mechanisms. The massage is carried out using light circular movements and manual therapy. Aromatic oils have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and charge a person with positive energy. The oils that are applied to the patient's skin facilitate the thorough treatment of the entire segments. Most often, they contain aromatic extracts of medicinal herbs, due to which they penetrate deep into the tissue and remove toxic substances from it.