Shiatsu massage is an increasingly popular method of influencing certain points, which is used not only for therapeutic, but also for cosmetic purposes. Shiatsu is a type of Japanese acupressure that stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, and also positively affects the thoughts and energy flows of the human body. Its name literally translates as "fingers" and "press". And despite the fact that the technique has arisen relatively recently, it is considered a modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese massage "amma", which has been practiced by local healers for more than one century. Thanks to the point effect, the shiatsu massage procedure not only brings pleasant sensations, but also provides a healing effect. When pressing with fingers and palms on the channels and meridians invisible to the human eye, more precisely the points located on them. The most studied of them are 12 channels and 8 meridians, through which the vital energy of the whole organism circulates. certain places can stimulate the functions of the body's immune system, make the skin elastic and healthy, save a person from various diseases and ailments. The acupressure procedures allow to eliminate the primary symptoms of the disease, normalize metabolism and eliminate painful sensations. Moreover, they do not cure diseases, but "force" the body to accumulate its own strength to fight them.