Do you want to lose weight, while not subjecting your body to strict diets and heavy physical exertion? - A slim massage has been specially developed for you. The result of this procedure will not be long in coming - after one session your figure will become 2-7 cm smaller in volume. Such an effect of Thai slim massage During the Thai slim massage for weight loss, the Master deeply and intensively works out each problem area. The classical technique includes several important steps: - you need to thoroughly knead the muscles and at the same time act on the subcutaneous fat layer; - the main load of the master falls not on the hands and elbows, but on the fingers, which, during the massage, are gradually spaced apart one after another and simply turn from kneading to tapping; - after the masseur has broken the accumulated fat deposits with his fingers and palms, he begins to form the anatomical contour of the zone with the help of pressure, which is performed quickly and intensely.